Replica vs Genuine

Why watches-2019com? Rolex Swiss replica watches are so close in precision to the originals that even an expert cannot tell the difference. Rolex clone Swiss made movements are perfect 1:1 replications of original Rolex Caliber movements which on inspection can even fool a professional jeweler. The quality of the manufacturing materials and precisely calibrate movement ensures a Swiss watch that is made for life. manufactures the best Rolex Swiss made replica watches in Geneva; Switzerland. Of course it is your choice on which replica and quality to go for, decisions ultimately are based on price and what you can afford. But one should also bear in mind the value you are getting for your money. There is nothing sadder than spotting a guy with a cheap, faded replica on his wrist.

Only a 5th of the cost but 99.99% exact

The third type of Rolex replica watches is the genuine Swiss hand made limited production Rolex replica watches and they are extremely rare and really hard to find. Consider yourself lucky reading this. There is a significant difference from the other types because these watches are hand made in Switzerland with genuine Swiss made parts and movements. So prices are justifiably much higher. However you are getting so much more for your buck. But needless to say this is not the price comparison one should think about, as if compared to a genuine, these watches are only a 5th of the cost of a real Rolex and are 99.99% exact.



What you pay for a Genuine Rolex What you pay for a Replica
Design and development
Manufacturing cost
Worldwide Advertising
Huge facilities expenses
National and Local dealer profit 
Huge exhibitions costs
Customs tax, vat

Watch Movement
Watch Construction
Watch Observations

• Rolex Clone Swiss Made Movements.
• 28800 Vibrations per hour.
• Up to 42 hour Power Reserve. 
• Smooth Sweeping Seconds Hand.
• ETA Incabloc Shock System.
• Clucydur balance.
• New style day-date wheel & fonts.
• Instantaneous day-date.
• Swiss Nano Oil Lubrication.
• Swiss Certified Movement.
• Genuine Swiss Made assebled in Geneva.
• Solid 904L Stainless Steel.
• Real 18k Gold-Platinum PVD plated.
• One piece Solid forged case.
• Sapphire Crystal with Anti reflective coating.
• 2.5x Date magnification.
• One piece solid pull out crown with P.H.E. “O” Ring rubber seals.
• Smoothed edges Hand finished.
• Waterproof from 100 and up to 300 meters.
• Real Moissanite Diamond Markers.
• Rolex Laser etching on crystal at 6.
• Serial Numbers on Band and Lugs.
• 100% markings on entire watch.
• Genuine SuperLuminova Markers.
• Perfect Weight & Smooth Feel.
• No one can tell the difference.
• Jeweller Undetectable.
• Up to 4 years Warranty.
• Most Perfect Replica on the Market.
• Made in Switzerland Workshops by Swiss Certified Watchmakers.



Genuine Rolex Swiss Replica

Movement Rolex Calibers Swiss Made Rolex Clone Calibers
Stainless Steel 904L Steel 904L Steel
Steel & Gold Models 904L steel and 18K Solid Gold 904L steel and 18K Gold PVD Plated
Gold Models 18K Solid Gold 904L steel with 18K Gold PVD Plated
Platinum Models Solid Platinum 904L steel with Platinum PVD Plated
Bezel Fixed or rotatable with Cerachrom insert Fixed or rotatable with Swiss Ceramic insert. Construction and Pearl design 100% same as Genuine
Crystal Sapphire crystal with Anti reflective coating Swiss Made scratch-proof Sapphire crystal with Anti reflective coating. Same shape, thickness and Cyclops magnification power as genuine
Dimensions, Weight & Feel Genuine with smooth solid feel Exact to original.100% same weight and smooth solid feel
Dial Genuine Rolex Detailed hands, prints, engravings and inserts 100% same as genuine Rolex. Correct font & size day-date wheels
Luminous Markers Rolex Lumen SuperLuminova™ Swiss Lumen
Diamonds Real Diamonds Real Moissanite Diamonds
Waterproofness Waterproof within the manufacturer limits Waterproof to 100m. Diver models up to 300m
Service Every two years in Rolex Service. Cost from $300 to $1200 Every five years in any Swiss watch Service. Cost from $50 to $120
Time Accuracy -3/+5 seconds per day COSC certified -5/+6 seconds per day with in COSC certification limits
New Bracelet Cost From $1000 to $9000 From $50 to $150
New Movement Cost From $3000 to $6000 From $80 to $150
Life Expectancy Lifetime Lifetime
Manufacturer Rolex SA.
Geneva Switzerland. Watch Company SA.
Geneva Switzerland.